Definition: Glass is a non-crystalline amorphous solid.
In lighting: Optical material used for transparent protection of a light source

LumiTar uses tempered optical glass lenses which provide best efficacy and protection for light sources. Clear optical glass is almost fully transparent, so it does not reduce the efficacy of a light source a lot.

Glass optics have long lifespan without dimming or corrosion. Glass is not corroded by ultraviolet radiation or temperature changes. Glass does not dim or tarnish over time, unlike plastic does. Furthermore, glass is fully recyclable.

Different glass lenses can also be used for modifying light distribution.

Straight lense
A clear straight glass lense does not affect the qualities of light.
Convex lense
A convex lense widens the light beam.
Street lense
A street lense is used for dividing the light alongside the street, so the beam is asymmetrical.

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