Definition: Ratio of any input to create a desired output.

In the world of lighting, efficacy is the ratio between consumed wattage and created lumens, lm/W. More specifically, it is the ratio of electrical energy taken from a power grid to a power supply, and lumens exiting the optics of the luminaire. Lumen (lm) is the unit for amount of light. The more lumens a luminaire produces, the more powerful it is.

LumiTar’s Array Lighting Technology and LeS light sources together with high efficacy power supply provide one of the highest lumens to wattage ratio available. Energy savings are created with high efficiency, good site planning and optimal beam angles.

In the replacement table below you can see how LumiTar luminaires compare to HPSV (High Pressure Sodium Vapor) luminaires. The nominal input wattages for LumiTar luminaires are notably lower. For example a 70 W HPSV luminaire can be replaced with our 18 W FANTOM F18 luminaire.

Product replacement table

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