Color Rendering Index


Definition: Color reproduction ability of a light source.

CRI color reproduction test is based on comparing color samples illuminated with an ideal light source and then with the tested light source. An average color shift percentage of eight reference colors is given as Ra value. Higher Color Rendering Index means better reproduction of the sample colors. The highest value on the scale is 100, lowest is 0.

LumiTar light resembles daylight with a CRI of 85 to 98,5. In industry it means better quality control because everything can be seen as it is. In a store the quality of products is visualized as the products are seen in their true colors. In traffic, good lighting improves safety as all signs and bumps become visible.

If you have a need for lighting with good color reproduction, please contact us, so we can find the best lighting solution for your application.

You can find more information about our technology here.

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