IK Class

IK rating is an international numeric classification for the degrees of protection against external mechanical impacts which is provided by enclosures for electrical equipment. In area and street lighting it is often referred as protection from vandalism.

Our luminaires can be protected up to IK10 if needed.

IK code table

LumiTar Martin Worker
Martin Worker is designed especially for rough working conditions such as construction sites.

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Heat is the transfer of energy from a hot object to a colder object. The unit in the International System of Units (SI) is Joule.

All known light sources generate heat, so in order to produce light we must master heat transferring. Excess heat reduces efficacy and shortens the lifespan of a light source and electrical components. Therefore, we utilize both passive and active cooling.

Our heat transfer solution includes a heat sink, a fan, and a body of aluminum. Our patented heat sink removes the heat from the light source, and our effective fans keep the heat sink at nearly ambient temperatures. Mechanical design of frame and bodywork are also defined with heat transfer in mind; the body always has sufficient perforations for air flow.

LumiTar heat transfer

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Bright Christmas

Bright Christmas and a happy new year to all our clients and partners!

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Definition: Glass is a non-crystalline amorphous solid.
In lighting: Optical material used for transparent protection of a light source

LumiTar uses tempered optical glass lenses which provide best efficacy and protection for light sources. Clear optical glass is almost fully transparent, so it does not reduce the efficacy of a light source a lot.

Glass optics have long lifespan without dimming or corrosion. Glass is not corroded by ultraviolet radiation or temperature changes. Glass does not dim or tarnish over time, unlike plastic does. Furthermore, glass is fully recyclable.

Different glass lenses can also be used for modifying light distribution.

Straight lense
A clear straight glass lense does not affect the qualities of light.
Convex lense
A convex lense widens the light beam.
Street lense
A street lense is used for dividing the light alongside the street, so the beam is asymmetrical.

You can explore our product range here.

If you have a specific lighting project in mind, give us a call and we will  propose the best solution for your application.

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Definition: Electrical component used to create air flow.

Light is heat. The lifespan and efficiency of any solid state light source will suffer in high temperatures. That is why effective heat transfer is as important as an effective light source.

LumiTar’s goal is to create the most reliable luminaires by using active cooling. We use fan forced air flow together with patented heat transfer profiles.

Some properties of our fans are:

  • low power intake
  • silence, less than 10 Db
  • IP67 and smart protection
  • magnetic or bearing supported rotor

By active cooling we can guarantee the same high performance and lifespan for our luminaires globally.

You can read more about the efficacy of our luminaires in our recent blog post.

If you are looking for the best lighting solution for your application, please give us a call.

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Definition: Ratio of any input to create a desired output.

In the world of lighting, efficacy is the ratio between consumed wattage and created lumens, lm/W. More specifically, it is the ratio of electrical energy taken from a power grid to a power supply, and lumens exiting the optics of the luminaire. Lumen (lm) is the unit for amount of light. The more lumens a luminaire produces, the more powerful it is.

LumiTar’s Array Lighting Technology and LeS light sources together with high efficacy power supply provide one of the highest lumens to wattage ratio available. Energy savings are created with high efficiency, good site planning and optimal beam angles.

In the replacement table below you can see how LumiTar luminaires compare to HPSV (High Pressure Sodium Vapor) luminaires. The nominal input wattages for LumiTar luminaires are notably lower. For example a 70 W HPSV luminaire can be replaced with our 18 W FANTOM F18 luminaire.

Product replacement table

If you wish to have calculations for your own project application, please contact us.

You can find more information about our technology here.

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Definition: A filter or a converter of light.

Dichroic filters are made out of tempered optical glass. They are used in professional lighting to modify color temperature, spectrum and color reproduction properties by transmitting certain wavelengths of light.
Dichroic filters are created by coating and mixing borosilicate glass material with substances that modify the qualities of light.

LumiTar’s dichroic filters make the optimal illumination in even the most demanding applications. LumiTar has utilized dichroic filters for example to make luminaires with very high RA index and a color temperature of 5600 K to replicate the sunlight.

You can read more about RA index value in our previous post.
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Color Rendering Index

Definition: Color reproduction ability of a light source.

CRI color reproduction test is based on comparing color samples illuminated with an ideal light source and then with the tested light source. An average color shift percentage of eight reference colors is given as Ra value. Higher Color Rendering Index means better reproduction of the sample colors. The highest value on the scale is 100, lowest is 0.

LumiTar light resembles daylight with a CRI of 85 to 98,5. In industry it means better quality control because everything can be seen as it is. In a store the quality of products is visualized as the products are seen in their true colors. In traffic, good lighting improves safety as all signs and bumps become visible.

If you have a need for lighting with good color reproduction, please contact us, so we can find the best lighting solution for your application.

You can find more information about our technology here.

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Definition: amount and direction of light energy emitted by a luminaire.

Generally the light beam of a luminaire should have very smooth and continuous edges. We divide our beams into four categories, with S being narrow and XW being extra wide. In LumiTar luminaires, the optimal light distribution for any application is created with correct combination of reflector and optics.

Beam illustration

In some applications, like showrooms, it is ideal that the light is extremely bright and targeted into a small area. In other applications, like outdoor area lighting, the light is softer and distributed into a wide area. Our recommendations for any project are based on a lighting plan and precise calculations.

See our product range here to find the best luminaire for your application.

If you wish to have an optimal lighting solution for a specific project, please contact us.

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Definition: multiple elements working on adjacent directions.
The principle can be found in array speaker systems and LumiTar products.

We use arrays to improve our luminaires. For example, some of our most powerful luminaires operate with several light sources in an array configuration. Luminaires in an array create brighter illumination as the amount of diffuse light increases. Array has also a meaning for smart controllability of multiple units, which is implemented in LumiTar products and design.

Array lighting technology creates more value for our customers.

We are passionate about lighting and the technology that produces it. We love to discuss about it, and would like you to join the conversation. That is why we decided to start an ABC of lighting to break the ice.

Read more about Array Lighting Technology here.

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