Array LeS®

Revolutional light sources

Array LeS® luminaires

Our luminaires are made in Vaasa, the leading energy cluster in Finland. Therefore, it is likely that these luminaires utilize innovative technology that can boost your energy savings up to 92 %.

These quality luminaires are made almost exclusively of aluminum. They utilize innovative design features and have patented heat transfer solutions. All the elements together quarantee a long lifespan and a broad range of working environments from freezing colds to extreme heats.

The actual light is produced with a unified LeS – Light Emitting Surface. The LeS chip has its components inserted into a unique plate to ensure maximum heat transfer. Our dual cooling system maintains the temperature of the luminaire close to room temperature levels. There is no need to make the luminaire large in size. An extruded aluminum profile, with a very high material density, enabled us to create a relatively small heat transfer profile that still functions in all conditions.

With versatile reflectors and optics we are able to spread the light evenly or focus it on a smaller area.

With our technology you cannot fail.

  • Even, non-flickering light
  • Generation G-x5X, Nominal 125 lm/W up to 165 lm/W (since 09/2011)
  • New generation G-x7X, Nominal 178 lm/W up to 220 lm/W (since 02/2016)
  • Color Rendering Index from 85 up to 98,5
  • Patented heat transfer profiles
  • Versatile optics
  • Energy savings potential up to 92 %
  • Unmatched lifespan
  • Working range from -45 to +105 ºC
  • Customisable color temperature
Array LeS chip

Some differences between LeS and LED

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Lifespan in different environments

Here you can inspect the effect of ambient temperature to the expected lifespan of a product. As you can see, Array LeS technology outperforms LED in every temperature.

Maximum efficacy of Luminaires

LumiTar has an Array LeS chip that can produce up to 220 lumens per watt. This is the current maximum value of efficacy that is achieved in tests. We continue innovating new solutions to raise the efficacy even higher. The best LED we know has an efficacy of about 120 lm/W.

Color Rendering Index in luminaires of over 80 W

Our luminaires can produce a CRI up to 98,5. This value can be achieved in luminaires which use power less than 80 W. The big difference is in powerful lighting. This is where Array LeS® technology can still produce CRi's up to 92.

Exceptional light intensity regardless of installation height

One of the biggest differencies between Array LeS and LED is the fact that Array LeS® can carry light further than LEDs. We have installed our Array LeS products as far as 42 meters from the ground. This is, as far as we know it, almost impossible with current LED solutions. Array LeS® technology utilizes a different wave lenght and the light comes from one source, which means that it can be optimized with the help of different optics. LED technology utilizes multiple small individual light sources, which each have their own optics.

Light intensity over time

It is a known fact that LED solutions lose light intensity over time and the higher the working temperature, the higher the loss is. This loss of intensity does not occur in Array LeS® technology. When inspecting a span of 5 years, LED solutions that have been used 24/7 can barely produce 70 % of their original amount of light.

Temperature control

In lighting, heat management is important. To produce an even amount of light in different environments the luminaire needs to stay cool. This is why LumiTar has designed effective dual cooling solutions and patented heat transfer profiles. This enables us to give 100 % light up to +105 ºC. Some LED luminaire manufacturers have adopted a solution in which electronic components produce less light as the enviroment's temperature rises. Would you want a poorer lighting when your enviroment's temperature rises? We wouldn't.

Non-flickering light

With our Array LeS® technology there will be no flicker and also the glare is minimal. Think about the video quality with these luminaires – no flicker and amazing Color Rendering Index. Super slow motion is going to look extra good. Our every luminaire has this feature, without extra costs.

On the video you can see STADI luminaires installed next to 2600 W MQl luminaires. See the flicker and glare from the MQl luminaires? There's no flicker from STADI and the amount of light produced is higher. Unbelievable?

About Us

We are a company based in Vaasa Finland.

We use Array LeS® technology to produce light. We have developed a series of luminaires and heat transfer solutions to revolutionize the industry.


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