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XS20 – DAYLIGHT from LeS

XS20 is something else. We faced a challenge where a customer needed a lot of light with an indirect lighting solution for their Air Dome arena. XS20 focuses on producing a lot of luminous mass to create even lighting by indirect beam. What’s even better is that it works brilliantly in direct lighting solutions as well. We have created the ultimate luminaire for all kinds of sports arenas.

Our light is always completely flicker free, has a CRI of over 85 and creates a daylight-like environment with a color temperature of 5000 K. These qualities make our luminaire a perfect match for HDTV productions and slow motion videos. Array LeS® luminaires always ignite from zero level so that no power surges are fed back to the grid.

  • Natural daylight color temperature of 5000 K
  • Instant ignition
  • Dimming 0–100 %
  • Great efficiency of 140–178 lm/W
  • Maintenance free
  • Superior lifespan
  • Lightweight and small
  • 100 % recyclable

About us

We are a company based in Vaasa Finland.

We use Array LeS® technology to produce light. We have developed a series of luminaires and heat transfer solutions to revolutionize the industry.


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