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A trendsetter for road and street luminaires,

NAVIGATOR II series was developed to meet the evolving needs of road and street lighting. It demonstrates some of our best features, like great power range, adjustable light and top quality. NAVIGATOR II can be installed in a lighting pole arm, straight lighting pole or on a wall. Power of the luminaires varies from 22 W to 185 W. Adjustable and variable optics provide the best possible lighting for your application.

NAVIGATOR II luminaires can be controlled with the line voltage, integrated twilight sensors or a smart control interface equipped with wireless communication and astronomical clock. They can also be controlled by DALI, DMX, 1–10 V PWM or potentiometer bus.

  • Worlds first street luminaire with adjustable light distribution and glare control
  • Natural daylight color temperature of 5000 K
  • High quality light, with exceptional color rendering and glare control
  • Wide power range and modularity gives optimal lighting levels
  • Adapts seamlessly to intelligent control systems
  • Carefree operation

About Us

We are a company based in Vaasa Finland.

We use Array LeS® technology to produce light. We have developed a series of luminaires and heat transfer solutions to revolutionize the industry.


LumiTar Array Lighting Technology Finland Oy
Hovioikeudenpuistikko 23
65100 Vaasa, Finland
Tel. +358 45 178 0360